ALL that you may need. From the simplest
things to a “100% turn-key” project

If you just need a simple stirrup bender to start your rebar business, you can count on us.
Or if you need to design a plant with a 2.000 tonne/day capacity, we can help you too!

Our Services

Integral logistics and training of your staff

Not only can we help you to acquire machinery you require, but we will be also pleased to help you with the disassembly and assembly of the machinery.

Other services that we frequently provide are integral transportation (by land or sea services, worldwide) and in addition the training of your staff by specialized mechanics, in Spanish or English.

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Machinery refurbishment

Depending on your needs, we can also clean, repaint and refurbish the machinery you require, just to make it almost look as if it was brand new. This may include the replacement of worn parts.

We guarantee you will be impressed with our refurbishment work and upgrades!

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Rebar consultancy services

We can also offer you expert technical consultancy services if you wish to upgrade your existing plant design a new facility, (in particular medium and large-size plants):

This includes the dimensioning of the plant, identification and positioning of the machinery required (type, units), logistical material processes… All of this implemented by a specialized engineering team, led by an expert with experience running a rebar plant with a capacity of 2.000 tonnes per day.

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