Machinery refurbishment

Depending on your needs, we can also clean, repaint and refurbish the machinery you require, just to make it almost look as if it was brand new. This may include the replacement of worn parts.

We guarantee you will be impressed with our refurbishment work and upgrades!

Fully refurbished

Fully refurbished on important and moving parts. Wearing parts are all changed! The machine will have undergone an intensive cleaning job and afterward, the main machine painted in original colors. The refurbishment has been done with extreme care by professionals who are specialized in the particular brand and model of the machine. They know what to look for and which parts that are important to checked and changed.

A reliable machine which can serve your production for years.


When purchasing a refurbished machine important and moving parts has been changed if necessary. A thorough cleaning job has been done so that the machine can be painted in original colors. With a refurbished machine from WRM, you are sure, that the machine is capable of running in your production for a minimum of 3 months before wearing parts has to be changed.

As is

As the grade implies, then the machine will be sold “as is” However, our customer is still sure to get a machine which is in working condition, even though it hasn’t undergone our refurbishment program. We always guarantee a working machine after instalation, if it is carried out by WRM Service engineers.